2017-2018 Subscription Season

NOTE: If you are redeeming a season ticket voucher, click Buy Tickets for the concert below you wish to attend. Choose one ticket of the same type (senior, adult, etc.) as your voucher and click Continue. Enter your voucher/coupon code on page 2 for 100% off the ticket price. Print the e-mailed ticket at home and bring it to the concert. Repeat for each voucher you wish to redeem.

Prime seating is general seating in the first 10 rows of the auditorium. Seniors are age 60 and above. Students must show a valid school ID.

This site is secure for credit card information even though the lock icon is not displayed in the address bar. Our ticketing takes place in an SSL-based frame on this page. If you are concerned about entering your credit card information on this page, go to our ticket vendor site for an alternate method which shows the lock icon.

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