Violin I
Martha Gardner,
Katherine Jenkins
Chris Johnson
Colin Ogg
Lou Anne Rainey
Dan Salzinger
William Sawin
David Scholl
Eriks Zusmanis

Violin II
Lacey Glancy, Principal
Audra Boyd
Martha Lynn Carroll
Robert Christmas
Anna Johnson
Daniel Liu
Marla Velez
Jennifer Williams
Josepha Winters

Sherry Ellis, Principal
Jessie Ahuama-Jonas
Eric Hawk
Janee Minnick
Krystal Saenz
Greg Selig
Kathy Wellman

Beth Judson, Principal
Jeff Daniel
Manda Dobson
Megan Hallam
Will Johnson
Daniel Klein
Alex Waterfill

Peter Hildebrandt, Principal
Tegan Mathews
David Worley
Aaron Yackley


Kathy Farmer, Principal
Lisa Mahoney

Oboe/English Horn
Stephanie Kruse, Principal
Gail Jackson
Torrence Welch

Diane Hargreaves, Principal
Michael Moore
Barbaraann Bongiovanni

Jim Jackson, Principal
John Lenahan
Krystal Saenz


Mandy Tinsley, Principal
Anthony Bernard
Jeff Bowman
Jason Dunn

Carl McCurdy, Principal
Geoff Gay
Jacques Minjauw

Jimmy West, Principal
Dwight Klappich
Al Stark

Robert Coulter, Principal


Mike Del Campo, Principal
Henri Bulterman
John M. Greenwald

Jennifer Mautz, Principal

Ruthanna McAlister
Allen Baston

John Wickey


Music Director
John Morrison

Martha Gardner

Personnel Manager
Greg Selig

Anna Johnson

Linda Brill

Repertoire Committee
Kathryn G. Otwell
Leslie Ann Dunn
John Lenahan
Kathy Farmer
Anna Johnson
Dwight Klappich

Northside Coordinators
Jim Jackson
Gail Jackson

Web Site Photography
Ümit Yüksel
John Robson
Elizabeth Demaree
Megan Hallam
Thear Kirk Fraley

Recording Engineers
Ron Buelow
Wayne Johnson

Peter Hildebrandt


Beth Judson, Principal
Beth Judson, Principal Beth Judson is a native of Richmond, Virginia. She received her Bachelors of Music from James Madison University in cello performance where she studied with Robert C. Ashby and Carl Donakowski (student of Janos Starker and Gary Hoffman). After college she moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where she worked with Roy Murray. There she mastered the art of outdoor playing, on the beach, in the sun, in 100+ degree weather. Shortly after moving back to Richmond, VA she became principal of the Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra and was principal for 7 years until she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. During her music career she has had the opportunity to open for Bob Carlise, work with Everything on their album People Are Moving, and perform with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Beth currently resides in Acworth with her husband and is expecting their first child this year. She is also a Digital Marketing Specialist at Markel Corporation focusing on webinars and video production.

Jeff Daniel
Jeff Daniel Jeff Daniels is a native Atlantan who studied Cello under Carole Nuen-Rabinowitz at the Georgia Academy of Music. At the University of Kentucky, Jeff studied cello under Benjamin Karp. Jeff has played with various orchestras and small ensembles in Atlanta and Kentucky. He lives in Oak Grove Atlanta with my wife and two young sons. Jeff is CEO of Showpay Inc., and an executive and board member of Smith & Stilwell Inc., a local company that provides casting, payroll, and benefits administration solutions to the motion picture production industry.

Manda Dobson
Manda Dobsonm

Megan Hallam
Megan Hallam Ms. Hallam’s background in music includes both management and performance. She has performed with the Chattanooga Choral Arts, the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, Orchestra Atlanta, the Rome Symphony, and now The Georgia Philharmonic. A cellist and singer for over 25 years, her experience with the inner workings of a non-profit arts organization began in 1984, when her family founded the Sandy Springs Chamber Orchestra (which became Orchestra Atlanta in 1994), the organization that laid the groundwork for The Georgia Philharmonic. Megan Hallam has extensive experience in event planning that lends itself perfectly to her current position with The Georgia Philharmonic. While earning her degree from Swarthmore College, Megan Hallam worked for the Music Department as manager of its college chorus, performing many of the same duties she later handled as Personnel Manager for Orchestra Atlanta. Prior to assuming that position, she worked as a special project consultant for Orchestra Atlanta, coordinating both web development and the production of several concert series.

Will Johnson
Will Johnson

Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein Dan Klein has studied cello with Andre Navarra of the Paris Conservatory, Luis Leguia and Ronald Feldman of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Evangeline Benedetti of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Dan formerly served as Principal Cellist of the Atlanta-Emory Orchestra. He plays an English cello made by Charles Harris, Jr. of Oxford in 1825. When not practicing the cello, Dan practices as a professional mediator with Klein Dispute Resolution.

Alex Waterfill
Alex Waterfill Alex Waterfill is a home-schooled high school student, working to develop his career as a cellist. He has studied with many notable musicians, including his current mentor, Bjorn Anderson of the New School of Music. Alex began his orchestral work with the Forsyth Youth Orchestra, under the guidance of accomplished violinist and music educator, Corina Brito. He is also a member of the Lawrenceville Community Orchestra. Alex has a particular interest in sharing his music with the community by playing at local events, such as the Atlanta Renaissance Festival, concerts at Assisted Living facilities, library learning sessions, educational conferences, and church programs. He also enjoys playing several other instruments, including the electric bass. Alex is tremendously grateful for the opportunity to become a member of the Georgia Philharmonic.

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