Violin I
Martha Gardner,
Katherine Jenkins
Chris Johnson
Colin Ogg
Lou Anne Rainey
Dan Salzinger
William Sawin
David Scholl
Eriks Zusmanis

Violin II
Lacey Glancy, Principal
Audra Boyd
Martha Lynn Carroll
Robert Christmas
Anna Johnson
Daniel Liu
Marla Velez
Jennifer Williams
Josepha Winters

Sherry Ellis, Principal
Jessie Ahuama-Jonas
Eric Hawk
Janee Minnick
Krystal Saenz
Greg Selig
Kathy Wellman

Beth Judson, Principal
Jeff Daniel
Manda Dobson
Megan Hallam
Will Johnson
Daniel Klein
Alex Waterfill

Peter Hildebrandt, Principal
Tegan Mathews
David Worley
Aaron Yackley


Kathy Farmer, Principal
Lisa Mahoney

Oboe/English Horn
Stephanie Kruse, Principal
Gail Jackson
Torrence Welch

Diane Hargreaves, Principal
Michael Moore
Barbaraann Bongiovanni

Jim Jackson, Principal
John Lenahan
Krystal Saenz


Mandy Tinsley, Principal
Anthony Bernard
Jeff Bowman
Jason Dunn

Carl McCurdy, Principal
Geoff Gay
Jacques Minjauw

Jimmy West, Principal
Dwight Klappich
Al Stark

Robert Coulter, Principal


Mike Del Campo, Principal
Henri Bulterman
John M. Greenwald

Jennifer Mautz, Principal

Ruthanna McAlister
Allen Baston

John Wickey


Music Director
John Morrison

Martha Gardner

Personnel Manager
Greg Selig

Anna Johnson

Linda Brill

Repertoire Committee
Kathryn G. Otwell
Leslie Ann Dunn
John Lenahan
Kathy Farmer
Anna Johnson
Dwight Klappich

Northside Coordinators
Jim Jackson
Gail Jackson

Web Site Photography
Ümit Yüksel
John Robson
Elizabeth Demaree
Megan Hallam
Thear Kirk Fraley

Recording Engineers
Ron Buelow
Wayne Johnson

Peter Hildebrandt


Peter Hildebrandt, Principal
Peter Hildebrandt, Principal Peter Hildebrandt, the youngest in the family, took up the string bass in the third grade after his four siblings, in order, had chosen violin, violin, viola, and cello to play and convinced him that bass was the right instrument. Some 30 years later, he plays professionally in various orchestras, chamber ensembles, and jazz groups, and has also graduated to the cello. When he's not making music, he's usually playing cello. Peter is a founder of the Rose City Chamber Orchestra in Portland, Oregon and the Georgia Chamber Music Retreat. He joined the Georgia Philharmonic in 2002.

Tegan Mathews
Tegan Mathews Tegan is a native of Atlanta who started playing bass at the age of 8. She has studied with Milton Masciadri out of UGA and with Albert Laszlo while she attended the University of Cincinnati - College-Conservatory of Music. Throughout high school and college she played with many ensembles, including the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony, Emory University Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, and CCM Concert Orchestra, Symphony Band, and Wind Orchestra. During the day, Tegan is a software escalation engineer with Citrix Systems.

David Worley
David Worley Dave Worley is a bass player and educator in Atlanta. Creator of, a website dedicated to everything bass related, he is at home on electric bass as upright. His passion is with how the bass is used in all styles of music, from classical to rock. Dave has published numerous videos of his work on YouTube.

Aaron Yackley
Aaron Yackley Aaron Yackley is a graduate of Florida State University where he earned his bachelors degree in Music Education. While there he performed as a double bassist with the University Philharmonic, University Symphony, Opera Orchestra, and Wind Symphony, as well as many chamber ensembles. Aaron is currently the orchestra director at Northwestern Middle School in Alpharetta. In addition to the Georgia Philharmonic, Aaron is an active member in the American String Teachers Association, the Georgia Music Educators Association, and the Alpharetta Community Chorus.

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